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Why you should call Wishtack to make your wishes come true

Since we have started working on Wishtack back in 2013, we have been learning, testing and contributing to open-source leading edge technology like Angular, Angular Material, Browserstack, Gulp, Heroku, MongoDB, NodeJS, Protractor and Splunk.

For instance, we first started with Bootstrap, CasperJS and Grunt then moved respectively to Angular Material, Protractor and Gulp in order to improve our user experience and developer experience. Yes! We want to have fun while developing.

Now, we have decided to share our knowledge and experience through trainings, workshops and coaching.

Unlike some other trainings, Wishtack’s trainings are experience based. You will not only learn how a technology works and how to use it to make a “Hello World” app but we will make you discover the best practices and learn from our own mistakes in order to help you make the best app ever!

Wishtack Trainings


    duration: 4 days,
    price: callUs(),
    sessions: callUs()

Angular is a frontend MVW superheroic framework built by a company called Google.

During this training, you will learn how Angular works and how to use all of its superhero powers to create your beautiful & modern single page application in few lines of code.

Web App Security & Security Monitoring

    duration: 3 days,
    price: callUs(),
    sessions: callUs()

Security is a concern for everyone, specially on the web where the number of threats and their complexity are increasing everyday.

This training will show how to find the weakest points of your web applications and show you how to protect it. You will also learn how to monitor your web application activity in order to detect and react to intrusion attempts.

Agile Web App development from scratch to the Cloud

    duration: 5 days,
    price: callUs(),
    sessions: callUs()

Are you tired of system administration and old school applications? You want to focus on your business and application features?

This training is for you! You will discover:

  • Your new development buddies:

    • Angular
    • Django
    • NodeJS
    • REST API
    • Git
    • Gitlab
    • MongoDB
    • Cross-Browser Testing with Browserstack and Protractor
  • How to work in an agile way using tools like Pivotal Tracker.

  • How to publish your single-page application on the cloud using Heroku.

  • Business Intelligence, Log Management & Monitoring using New Relic et Splunk.

Coming soon…

M.A.D. (MongoDB, Angular, Django) stack web application development

M.E.A.N. (MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular, NodeJS) stack security

REST API Security

Coaching & Consulting

Trainings are cool but you might need some external help for your specific needs so don’t forget that we are here to make your wishes come true. Call us!

Special requests

We are open for any special requests as long as they are fun so get in touch with us.

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